Group Camping
Let’s Lock In Your Crew For Your Own Designated Group Campsite!
What is Group Camping?
Group camping is something new that we are trying this year. It is an option for groups of 20 or more friends who want to camp together during Sababa Music Festival.
What You Need:
The group organizer needs to apply below to get the group ticket link.
You need at least 20 people to sign up using your link by May 15 for Group Camping.
What You Get:
The link offers your group a discounted ticket price.
The group gets a section of the forest roped off for themselves to accommodate the size of the group.
The organizer will get early access, and can bring one vehicle directly to the site to unload & help with setup.
Optional: you can have your group site printed on the map of the grounds if you plan on having a theme or hosting the oilum for a kiddush, meal, or some activity.
Next Steps:
Fill in the application to become the Group Camping Organizer
The Sababa team will be in touch with your link and any final details!