Have fun!

Be respectful and considerate of other people and their personal belongings.

Alcohol: 21+ to drink! We will check IDs – no underage drinking!

Festival is 18+.

BYOB= Bring Your Own Beer. NO GLASS BOTTLES – people walk around barefoot and this is an important safety precaution. Please make sure to buy cans of beer and not glass bottles. Please pour any hard booze into stainless steel containers.

No illegal substances – all local laws will be enforced.


All unauthorized buildings on the campgrounds are off limits for festival attendees.

Do not harm or feed any wildlife.

No pets. Do not bring your dog or pet snake.

Do not leave food out over night! The animals will smell it and want to join the party.

No fireworks.

Gas grills only. That means no charcoal grills.

No weapons.

No fighting. Love only.

No trespassing on the neighbor’s adjoining property or the property owner’s house area, barns, or shacks.

No personal fires. There are multiple designated fire pits located around the campgrounds which we encourage you to use.

Do not throw any cigarette butts on the ground.

Parking in designated areas ONLY (violators will be towed or asked to move repeatedly)

Throw away your trash and recycle your cans and plastic bottles.

Do not litter. This campground is your home for the weekend, and we want to leave the grounds beautiful and trash-free!

Be mindful of the property. Anyone who is being generally disrespectful or is caught damaging the property will be ejected without refund.

Cars and coolers may be searched upon arrival to the festival grounds.

Use common sense. If it seems like a bad idea then DON’T DO IT.