The Mission of Sababa Music festival is to unite, inspire, and network the tri-state Jewish community, through the love of Shabbat, song, and music. Sababa Music Festival targets young adults/professionals to facilitate an arousal of the Jewish spark within each and every one of us in a new, fun, modern, and meaningful way. Just as music penetrates the hearts of its listeners, similarly should Jewish pride and a sense of unity permeate and warm our lives.

The model of Sababa Fest allows everyone involved to benefit; the musicians, vendors, sponsors, and most importantly, the attendees. Sababa’s approach is unique and innovative. Through camping, kosher food, fun music, and interactive activities, this exclusive 4 day festival will have an everlasting effect on everyone involved.

Mendel Sherman.
Creator, Mendel Sherman always had a dream of creating a space where Jews of all walks of life could feel like they belong. Because professionally Mendel manages a large warehouse, running logistics for a large ecommerce company, he has the exact skills needed to orchestrate an event of such magnitude. Mendel has always been greatly involved in the Jewish community, simultaneously submersing himself in the art and experience of music. Mendel has staffed multiple Birthright trips and is dedicated to bringing new and exciting ways to strengthen and unite young adults. He is heavily involved in the music scene. Combining his professional skills with his passion for music, song, Judaism, and care towards his fellow man, Mendel was able to make his dream a reality with Sababa Fest.
Alter Deitsch.

Hello! I’m Alter, and I have the great joy of co-running Sababa with my partner, Mendel.

I grew up in Crown Heights, where our wildlife consists of rats and pigeons - very exotic! When I was 20, I was a counselor in a traveling camp called Yeshiva Outdoor Adventure (YOA), and that was when I fell in love with nature. We would climb 14,000’ mountains over 4-day hikes, kayak in the Colorado River, sail a 2-mast, 14-sail brigantine around the Channel Islands, cook on a bonfire and sleep under the stars.

When I came back from camp, I wanted to keep spending time in the forests, but I had to convince my friends that camping didn’t mean sleepless nights with tree roots in your back. We started with groups of 5, which quickly became 10, 20, 50, then 100 - everybody wanted to taste the outdoors!

After hosting 100 people at my friend’s farm in PA over Labor Day weekend, Mendel reached out and asked if I wanted to throw a Music Festival with him, and I remember thinking “This is one of those moments where life becomes more interesting”. We partnered in 2017, had an excellent Sababa, and with G-d’s help, it’s grown into such a beautiful space of connection and love!

Here’s to the future of our communal growth in music, Judaism, art, friendship, nature and love!

Yehudis Keller
Volunteer Coordinator
Yehudis (Jude) Keller is a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She conducts research on the mental health of those who leave organized religion, and also aspires to work with this demographic therapeutically. Personal hobbies include drawing and painting portraits, exploring through travel, and creating community — whether that is through hosting Shabbat meals or recruiting volunteers for Sababa Music Festival every summer. She has been to every Sababa festival: as a guest in 2017, volunteer in 2018 and she became the Volunteer Coordinator in 2019. She loves to watch how this community and her Sababa t-shirt collection have been growing over the years!