The Mission of Sababa Music festival is to unite, inspire, and network the tri-state Jewish community, through the love of Shabbat, song, and music. Sababa Music Festival targets young adults/professionals to facilitate an arousal of the Jewish spark within each and every one of us in a new, fun, modern, and meaningful way. Just as music penetrates the hearts of its listeners, similarly should Jewish pride and a sense of unity permeate and warm our lives.

The model of Sababa Fest allows everyone involved to benefit; the musicians, vendors, sponsors, and most importantly, the attendees. Sababa’s approach is unique and innovative. Through camping, kosher food, fun music, and interactive activities, this exclusive 4 day festival will have an everlasting effect on everyone involved.

Mendel Sherman.
Creator, Mendel Sherman, a 30 year old entrepreneur, involved greatly in the Jewish community, simultaneously submersing himself in the art and experience of music. He is currently studying Hospitality Management and wants to pursue event planning. Mendel has staffed multiple Birthright trips and is dedicated to bringing new and exciting ways to strengthen and unite young adults. He is heavily involved in the music scene, not just going to many concerts but also connecting with musicians and their management. He has a clear focus on bringing a spin to the traditional Shabbat, tying his passion for music, song and Judaism into Sababa Music Festival.
Alter Deitsch.

Partnering with Mendel is Alter Deitsch, a Chasidic, artistic millennial living in Brooklyn, NY. Along with staffing Birthright trips, he enjoys finding the beauty and essence in life, and sharing his love for adventure and the outdoors with everybody he can. He has also organized many unifying and uplifting kosher and Shabbat friendly camping weekends. He is excited and ready to bring this Shabbat experience to the next level with music, the masses and the great outdoors.