So this is your first time attending Sababa Fest? Welcome!

You’re gonna have an amazing time, meet lifelong friends, discover new forms of Judaism and art that inspire you for the rest of your life, and many more possibilities! 

What Goes On At Sababa?

Sababa is a 4-Day camping trip with 1,000 Jews gathering in the forest for Shabbos. It is about people connecting through music, food, ritual, and nature. 


If this is your first time camping, take a look at our recommended packing list to make sure you have everything you need and check out this video we made a few years ago that shows what to expect. 

One thing we’ll say about clothing, in addition to the suggested packing list: bring fun stuff! Having everyone dressed up is half the fun at Sababa.

There will be shuttles to take you from the parking area to the camping area. Have your stuff ready to go, and our drivers will take you to one of several drop off zones within the campgrounds. 

If you are camping with friends, try to coordinate with them beforehand to see where they are camped so you know which zone you want to be dropped off at. 

If you have a group of 20 friends and would like to reserve a spot for you to all camp together, follow this link to register for Group Camping

Totally optional but highly recommended: make your campsite one of the attractions at Sababa. Ferrylights, flags, banners and whatever fun stuff you got! Help Sababa glitter. 

Again highly recommended: go visit other camps to meet fun people, see cool art, hear new Z’miros, and taste new food!


There are bathrooms and showers in the main area. There will also be porta potties strategically placed throughout the campsite (that get cleaned multiple times through the weekend). 

There is a lake for swimming.

There is a forest for epic camping and hammocks, a bonfire, amazing friends and a dance floor - let’s party! 


We have 2 official stages: the Main Stage is where bands and DJs get the place rockin’, and the Bonfire Stage is where singer-songwriters and Kumzitzers dive into a deeper, more intimate vibe around the fire.

There are other musical encounters going on all around as well on many different campsites.

Staged music is only scheduled for weekdays, not Shabbos. There is tons of singing all throughout Shabbos, from the davenings, to the meals - but nothing that breaks Shabbos. 

  • Definitely bring any instruments you play, and get involved in the music all around!
  • If you are playing any amplified music, please be considerate to people camping around you, and keep it down when you see people heading to bed.


  • Sababa provides 3.5 meals:
    • Friday afternoon snack buffet.
    • Friday Night Dinner
    • Shabbos Day Lunch
    • Saturday Night BBQ 
  • We often have food vendors who offer yummy options for sale. 
  • It is recommended that you bring your own food/snacks for the times between the meals mentioned above. 
  • Larger groups often make potlucks or a Kiddush for the community. Maybe reach out to such a group and offer to chip in, or start your own group!
    • Here is a link to Group Camping if you’d like to set up your own larger camp. 


Sababa Programming follows orthodox practices. This means that: 

  • All the food is strictly Kosher.
  • Minyonim are all on the schedule, and the shul has a mechitza. Plus the property has an Eruv.
  • All programming that happens on Shabbos follows the laws of Shabbos.
  • We provide the provisions for:
    • Lighting Shabbos candles
    • Making Kiddush and Havdalah

We want everyone at Sababa to feel comfortable and welcome. No one is here to impose their practices. You do you!

Having said that, we want the public spaces to reflect the Shabbos vibe. 

In your own camp, feel free to be on your phone or make food. But in the public spaces, please keep the Shabbos energy alive. 

Please bring your own siddurim, talis, tefillin. 

Sample Schedule:

Here’s our schedule from a previous Sababa. Take a look through it to get a picture of what the programming looks like. 

Keep in mind, this is the official programming that Sababa provides. There is tons more going on all around the camp!

We’ve come across epic BBQs, deep meditations, fantastic games, shiurim, music everywhere, a shvitz, breathwork, sound baths, and more! Bring your gift for us to experience, and be open to experiencing what everyone else has to offer. 

Helpful Videos:

Check out Chaya’s setup

Fun clothing ideas!

Bedding Ideas

So get excited, gather your crew, reach out if you have any questions, and come share your Light with us at Sababa!