We have partnered with some incredible organizations to help bring you the greatest experience possible.

If you would like to partner with us, please email us at [email protected]

ReJews promotes sustainability and social entrepreneurship by building community campaigns focused on reducing our carbon footprint. Originally started as the Aish HaTorah Recycling Program, ReJews is proud to be featured as a project of Shabbat.com, and is an amazing opportunity for tikkun olam and to make a kiddush HaShem!
Next time your friend asks for a drink, you’re going to hand them a Spritzly… and they’ll ask for another. Spritzly is a revolutionary drink, combining the sweetness of fruit juice with the bubbles of seltzer. Welcome to the future of canned beverages.
Friends you can count on! Chaverim is an emergency services organization composed of a dedicated team of altruistic volunteers. Boston Chaverim provides assistance in non-medical emergency situations. Anything from jump-starts to car lockouts Boston Chaverim is there to be a friend.
Chaverim of Boston is a 100% volunteer organization. All of the members offer their time and services because they care and want to help a neighbor in need and their community at large. Click here to donate to this incredible initiative.
Boston Chaverim will be on-site at Sababa Fest to help with any vehicle jump-starts or car lockouts
MeetJew strives to create long-term relationships, friends, opportunities, and community amongst Jews in a fun, positive, and inclusive environment.
TUBI 60 is liquid euphoria. More than an alcohol, it's an elixir.
OU KOSHER Certified: Blessed by the Rabbi himself. Mazel Tov!
ZERO sugar Zero carbs: Built for your active lifestyle & social life 7x Distilled! Cold Filtered: It sounds scientific... & makes your vodka taste awesome.